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​Learning the value of self-expression while still maintaining a responsibility to the group, each artist develops an understanding of themselves as a unique and valuable part of the greater whole.
Students discover the magic of presence, the mystery of timing, and the gift of self-confidence.
When / Where:​

Tuesday Mornings 10:30am-12:pm


When / Where:

Sunday Evenings 8:30pm-10pm


Improvisation, Games & Risk Taking


This class allows students to learn the life skill of improvisation and living in the moment.  This class is perfect for students looking to re-discover their sponteneity and creativity.



When / Where:​
Spring 2015


Movement for Actors


In this specialty class students will use movement exercises to begin to explore acting from their body out. Students will bring awareness to their own habits and learn to use their bodies to express character and emotion. The class will address freeing yourself from inhibitions, getting out of your head and into your body.


Four Week Performance Workshop

This spring we are excited to bring back our Performance Workshop which gives our adult students the opportunity to write, perform and share their work with the community.  As part of our Performance Labs, participants write a series of scenes, monologues and songs.  Lead by our teaching staff, students will develope a stage performance for the community.




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