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Modiin WIT (Women In Theater) was established in 2008 by Tamar Krantman-Weiss and Pnina Fredman-Schechter with the hope of providing women with the opportunity to sing, dance and perform to their hearts’ content in a professional atmosphere.  

In 2010, they joined forces with Ninoska Ravid.  WIT became a non-profit organization in 2013.  The three leaders of WIT are passionate about the arts and the effect it can have on performers and their communities.


Our mission is exemplified in the four E's of outstanding theater:



        EXPRESS                   ENCOURAGE                     ENLIGHTEN                           EXCELLENCE



EXPRESS- WIT’s mission is to give women and girls the opportunity to express themselves through drama, music and dance.


ENCOURAGE- WIT’s goal is to encourage both artist and audience member to realize their potential and to bring out the creative spirit in every participant.


ENLIGHTEN- WIT’s aim is to enlighten and educate participants in the Arts, English, life skills and world knowledge.


EXCELLENCE- WIT’s production team aspires to Excellence in every facet of their work.  This excellence is intended to inspire everyone who is passionate about the arts to pursue their dreams!






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