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Donations and Rewards

Our musical is a chance to raise our voices and tell the story of our Nation's journey from being victims to victory.   In supporting our production, you are taking part in the telling of a crucial piece of history.  Help ensure that we NEVER FORGET the legacy of the Jewish nation’s - our struggle, our survival and our triumph.


We invite you to pledge your donations in honor or in memory of the important people who have shaped your lives and your personal histories.  WIT is giving a special opportunity to Immortalize a loved one or an important person in your life by naming a character in our musical.  Take this opportunity to name a character or dedicate sets in memory of someone you may have lost or in honor of someone special in your life.  


Donations in any amount are welcomed and will help us achieve our goal.  


Sponsor a Show



We will dedicate an entire production in memory or in honor of your loved one. Our playbill will read "Raquela:The Birth of Israel" in memory of ..........

Page one of the playbill will be a dedication page with a historical account of this person's life.  We will dedicate the evening in this person's honor and/or memory at the start of our show.

For more information on the opportunity to support our project in this way, please click on email or button to contact us at


Please include your name and phone number and a convenient time for us to call.  We will be in touch at your convenience.

Patron of the Arts Sponsor


1. Have your name in the playbill as a Patron of the Arts Sponsor of WIT, Women In Theater. 


2. Place a dedication in the IN HONOR or IN MEMORIAM section in our playbill.


3. Receive autographed copies of script, playbill and music from the show.  Be informed about all developments in the play's production and all future WIT events.

Dedicate Song



We will print a brief description in our Playbill for the individual or group you choose to honor.



1) The Rock Song- A song about the new Israeli youth building up the land of Israel and the possibility for future growth.

2} I'm Ready- A song about beginning on life's great journey and embracing the challenges that lie ahead.

3) 100,000 Refugees- A song about our plight to enter the land of Israel during the British Mandate.

4) Courage- A song about never giving up-using our will and passion to fight for our people and our country.

5) We Will Wait- A song about waiting for the world to recognize our plight while we struggle to regain our dignity after the atrocities of the Holocaust.


Dedicate Historical Sets



We will print a brief description in our Playbill for the individual or group you choose to honor.




An illegal immigrant ship on course to  bring thousands of survivors to British controlled Palestine


2) The Maternity Ward at Hadassah Hospital


3) The Displaced Persons Camps in Athlit and Cyprus.


4) The Infirmary in Athlit DP camps


5) The Jewish Prisoner wing of the Hospital in Cyprus


6) The Docks in Europe

Where the Jews were smuggled on to the ships bound for British controlled Palestine.


7) The Kibbutz

Where the orphaned children and the survivors make their home.

Name a Minor Character


Designate a name for an Adult, Teen or Child character - This character will be played by a member of the cast who will have a minor  speaking and/or singing role. The name you have selected will appear in the playbill -as the character's name and in the IN MEMORIAM section of the playbill- accompanied by a short description.  List of  available characters:


Mother with baby- This new mother sings a Haunting Yiddish melody on the eve of Kristallnacht

Head nurse- Nursing teacher at Hadassa Nursing School.  She is tough -but sympathetic.

Nursing Student- Student at Hadassa Nursing School.  She is Raquela's confidante.

Nursing Student- Student at Hadassa Nursing School.  Interested in those shipping off to war.

Nurse- She works at Hadassa Hospital during WWII.

New Mother- The first Delivery that Raquela attends.

New Mother- Raquela's First delivery.

New Mother- She sings about wanting to protect her newborn child.

THE CHILD- Orphaned child - her naive optimistic presence helps heal  a Holocaust survivor.

The Child's sister- Orphaned young teenage child who helps care for her younger sibling.

Woman in Athlit- She is searching for relatives.

Woman in Atlit: She is hoping for news from her hometown in Europe.

Newcomer to Atlit: Women from Torchin searching for survivors.

Nurse in Atlit: She is anxious to be getting back home to jerusalem.

Two teenage survivors- One is afraid of water-one is afraid of darkness

Doctor in Atlit- He slowly learns more compassion for his patients

New Mother- Survivor-Postwar- She sings about her concerns for the health of her child.

New Mother- Postwar- she sings about the sister that was taken from her during  the war.

Refugee: On Aliyah Bet Ship- ready to fight

Refugee On Aliyah Bet Ship- Realist- points out the dangers.

Children in Athlit/on Kibbutz:

Aifee's friend- watches out for her

Aifee's friend- sarcastic and mature- recognizes the challenges that lie ahead

Aifee's friend- orphan longs for her parents

Aifee's friend-  a child who may one day become a doctor

Aifee's friend- a child who may one day become an engineer

Aifee's friend- a child who may one day win a nobel prize

Aifee's friend- a child who may one day discover ways to desalinate our water

Aifee's friend- a child who may one day become a General in the Israeli Army.


British Nurse- In Cyprus with Raquela

Cyprus refugee- Sings of wanting a better life for her daughter

Patient in Cyprus Hospital- mesmerized by Raquela being from Jerusalem.

Survivor- A woman who helps Raquela- in the Hospital in Cyprus- nurse survivors back to health.

Survivor-  A man who escapes Atlit and joins the army during the war of independence.

Soldier- A man who carries a lead character on his back to the hospital during the war of independence.



(We reserve the right to reject a name that is inappropriate or to hebraicize a name that is spoken onstage)

In Memory


Have the name of a loved one or important person in your life, with a short description,  listed on the IN MEMORIAM section of our website and playbill.


Theme Song


Be a part of bringing Raquela: The Birth of Israel to life.   Have your name listed on the THANK YOU page on our website.


Receive advanced digital copy of our Theme song from Raquela: "I'm Ready"


Other Donation Amount

Donations in any amount are welcomed and will help us achieve our goal.  

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