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The Jerusalem Post


Girl Power: The Modi'in Women in Theater group produces musicals performed by women, for women.


An article is now featured on the homepage:






"It was absolutely amazingly wonderful.  I am so happy I went and so happy you did one in jlem!  Pls pass on to whomever would want to hear feedback that it was so impressive and I loved every minute! "


"Dear WIT-

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the wonderful experience that you gave {my daughter] It was an incredible journey that gave her so much, she loved every moment of being part of the production.


I took my girls to two of the plays and it is so wonderful to see the talent that each and every one of you and the cast possesses. We look forward to many more productions – albeit none of you can think about that the day after."






Modern Jewish Family


"I laugh so hard, I felt as if you had hidden cameras in my house... that's my life up there on stage!"




To Life


"I  came out tonight to support my local Women In Theater I DID NOT expect to have enjoyed the performance as much as i did, I felt like I was at a great off-broadway show."





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